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The Resurrection of the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera

The only thing Orchestras have in common is that they are all unique.”

By Christopher Stager, CRStager marketing & audience development

In four years, the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera (SPO) went from closing its doors to selling out its concerts. How did it happen? I will share the details after this cautionary note…

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing orchestras. Purported “industry trends” are most often based on limited information and draw inaccurate and misleading conclusions. They often confuse correlation with causation factors. Whatever trends are national, solutions are invariably local. The “magic bullet” – sought by many – does not exist. What works is a laser focus on marketing fundamentals.

So before we begin let me state: Nearly every marketing problem is really a math problem. To gauge our performance and market potential we need data, history and a benchmark to understanding whether marketing performance is good or bad from the start. It is the equations that matter most. Percentages can impress, but can often mean little.

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Welcome Bramwell Tovey to the Rhode Island Philharmonic. Their first concert last night "Rattled the rafters...before a packed house," reported the Providence Journal. It is an honor to work on the launch of "The Tovey Era" with David Beauchesne and his team at the Rhode Island Philharmonic & Music School, to see Rhode Islanders fill the hall last night, and to hear them roar at the close.     
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